Chronicles of Nirn

And So Our Adventure Begins...

15th of Morningstar – Funeral for the Imperial Emperor Titus Mede III

South Winds’ Prayer Harvest: Holiday in Cyrodiil to celebrate plant life [no plants are to be harmed that day]; free healings performed on this day

The adventurers are asked to meet with the Captain of the Imperial Guard in the Talos Plaza District after the ceremonies. When they reach the body of the Emperor to pay their individual respects, they notice that, in addition to his fine attire and royal jewelry, the Emperor has a particular look: one that reads across his face, saying that he knew when and how we would die.

Quest: “Paying” Respects

When the adventurers meet with the Captain, he explains that the Emperor’s body needs to be taken from the Imperial City to Bravil, resting for a night in Faregil. They will be accompanied by the Empress, the royal children, and a following of squires. They will be compensated for their success and are granted room and board free of charge in the Talos Plaza District while they prepare for the journey.

Quest: The Gray Fox

While preparing for the journey, the group notices wanted posters of a thief known as “The Gray Fox”. No one is really sure what he/she looks like or what race he/she is. The two heists that made them infamous took place in Valenwood and Elsweyr. They were last seen in the Talos Plaza District and is probably headed towards Cyrodiil. A reward of 1000GP is offered for capture.

Things to Note

~ Foaming Flask – the tavern in the Talos Plaza District
~ Timmon – bard in the Foaming Flask, plays with Phentricya [and is completely infatuated with her]
~ crowd cheers drunkenly for Akatosh, curses Julianus
~ worship of Talos is banned
~ curfew in place within Imperial City

Quest: “Paying” Respects [continued]
Encounter: Red Ring Road

Red Ring Road: [history] named after the war between Aldmer and Imperials, Mede III becomes emperor because of the war

As the group follows Red Ring Road towards Bravil, they spot a group of canine humanoids huddled around a piece of paper. The humanoids notice the group and begin the attack.

Total earned GP: 160GP
Total earned XP: 1000XP

Items found:
~ piece of paper with the exact date, time, and place that they would intercept the travelling party; GP the attackers earned [paid up front]; red star on fire symbol in place of a signature

Hearts on Fire


Our adventurers make their way to Bravil with their company and the body of the Emperor. Women and children are sobbing in the streets. The townspeople light the Emperor’s pyre in his honor. The group is granted stay at the inn. The Emperor will be laid to rest in the crypt just outside of the city walls, by the Nibenay Basin.

The Gray Fox

While wandering the city, Marcelus talks with a couple of townspeople and finds that he might be able to find information regarding the Gray Fox in the Scuma Den. [While scuma is illegal in other parts of the region, it is not illegal here in Bravil.] Marcelus, Merida, and Phentricya find themselves at a table in the Scuma Den, where they are greeted and served by Khajiit. They are informed that a gentleman has paid for their drinks. Once they spot him, Marcelus motions him over and he joins them. Rennan [Bosmer], they find, owns the Scuma Den as well as other similar establishments. They ask about the Gray Fox in subtle terms and he informs them that – even for as loud as it is in the Scuma Den – they can’t talk about him at present, but he could help more if they should run into him in the Imperial City.

The First Sighting

Mialee decided that she’d rather not go to the Scuma Den and went wandering on her own. She finds herself in front of a statue of Mara, the Goddess of Love. She admires the statue, taking in every detail. Soon, a stranger, comes up behind her, eating an apple, asking her what she is looking for. Annoyed that her alone time has been interrupted, she is short with the stranger and becomes even more upset when he won’t give her his name. As the rest of her group walks out of the Scuma Den, the stranger attempts to slip away unseen. Merida spots him and discusses what happened with Mialee. Phen [who partook in scuma while at the Den] and Marcelus don’t seem to have noticed the stranger and suggest going to the Fighters’ Guild for more information.

The Lonely Suitor

After getting a bit of information about the Fighters’ Guild, it’s sundown. The adventurers head to the inn, The Lonely Suitor. When they walk in the door, it smells heavily of lavender and other flowers; well-dressed, well-groomed, well-behaved men fill the room [both very odd occurrences for an inn]. The innkeeper tells the group that in order for them to have the room that they were promised, they are going to need to find a way to get these men out. The most logical way of getting them out is to convince Maureen, priestess of Mara, to fall in love with one of the men as it is very close to Hearts’ Day. They agree and set off.

Skill Challenge: Bravil Bachlorette

Level 5: success, before 3 fail
Primary Skills:
Bluff – 4 success, 1 fail
Diplomacy – 3 success, 1 fail
Insight – 1 success
Religion – 2 success
Secondary Skills:
Perception – +2
Streetwise – (n/a)

long, fiery red hair; green eyes; 19 years old; “Blessed by Mara”; wants to leave temple; wants a man that can protect her; has title of ‘lover of the wounded’; abandoned by parents in the temple of Mara; for as much as she wants to leave the temple, she’s hesitant; she’s heard stories of men, but knows that there are good men out there; four requirements: 1) acts of bravery, 2) rough, but soft/kind heart, 3) knowledge of ages, 4) proof of bravery in forms of physical scars; man must pass questions about whether he practices religion devoutly; trusting, excited, fearful

The Suitors
[Marcelus has gone ahead to narrow the suitors down to five.]

  1. Valentino Oracia: blacksmith apprentice, love of his craft is equal to her love of Mara
  2. Hrothgar: burly man, limp, used to be the captain of the guard
  3. Oratio: long, slicked back hair; kills for sport; sees himself five years from now being in bed with Maureen
  4. Stranger with apple: [same guy from earlier] disbanded the brotherhood, Winterhold Mages’ College, volunteer at Fighters’ Guild [Merida and Mialee lose patience with him and end the questioning]
  5. Renner: Dunmer, travels, sells goods, from Morrowind

Maureen chooses Hrothgar. [Awh!]

Encounter: The Angry Mob

The stranger with the apple leads an angry mob to attack the adventurers. They throw rocks at the windows and threaten to burn down the inn if the adventurers don’t come outside. Mialee begins the fight by blasting them with a fireball.
Most of the men are dead or unconscious when the fight ends. However, a group of men including the stranger with the apple have run away.


A bounty goes up for the adventurers [400GP] for murder. In attempt to cover up the “scandal”, the Empress talks the officials down. The bounty fine will be taken out of our pay for accompanying the Empress and Emperor. That is, unless we meet with Lord Hestio Semmus in the Castle Bravil.

And They Call It a Mine

Castle Bravil

Lord Hestio Semmus requests the presence of the adventurers. He tells them that their bounty can be erased and can restore the Empire’s honor if they follow through with a quest for him. There will also be rewards granted for completion.
“There have been reports of bandits assaulting travelers south of Bravil. As Lord of Bravil, I am placing a bounty on their heads of 200 gold for anyone assisting in the riddance of these bandits. An extra 100 to the one who brings me their leader’s head.”
He goes on to explain that while they don’t know how many there are, he does know that those seen were Men and Mer. They believe that they are down in an old mining cave, 3-4 miles down the Nibenay River, called Needletooth Mine.

Encounter: “Nazeen, take care of these intruders!”

The adventurers find the cave. The entrance is locked, but with a little help from Merida’s thefty days, they unlock the door and find men at the end of the opening hallway.

Gained XP: 1000XP total
Other items gained:

  • Belt of Endurance
  • 4 potions of healing
  • 2 potions of darkness
  • Book: “The Devout Five”

The Devout Five

History check: Just mentions “The Five”, no given details on who or what they are; says when each goes down the remaining get stronger and that someday there will only be one
Religion check: cult-like, not recognized publisher
Perception check: Has the symbol of the red star on fire that we have already seen

Quest: Needletooth Mine

Continuing in a straight line from the door post-encounter, there is a small hallway. It starts cold, damp, and dark; the further they get down the hallway, the warmer, dryer, and rocky it gets until they find a large, very ornate door.

Learning by Experience

17th of Morningstar

The group takes an extended rest in the cave. While resting, Merida hears people talking. Thinking little of it, she keeps the information to herself; not that there would have been time to tell them as those resting are startled awake by a very loud boom. Rocks and dust fall from the ceiling and a bright light flashes from under the iron door.

Encounter: “We will see if they can stop the mighty Offalian!”

As the group passes the iron door, they see their enemies: four individuals dressed in dark robes with red flames embroidered on them; a skeleton on fire carrying a bow; an individual that is dressed in robes, but more decorated than the four; a giant, hulking zombie with razor sharp teeth, surrounded in chains, emitting smoke [who the group learns is named Offalian].

Gained: 1100XP
Parchment Armor [level 4]

What Merida heard

Merida tells the group after the battle that she heard two people talking.

“No more shall we be received as weak!”
“Yes… Next we send word to Barus Dranden to begin preparations for Chorrol.”
“What them them?”
“We will see if they can stop the mighty Offalian!”


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