Chronicles of Nirn

Learning by Experience

17th of Morningstar

The group takes an extended rest in the cave. While resting, Merida hears people talking. Thinking little of it, she keeps the information to herself; not that there would have been time to tell them as those resting are startled awake by a very loud boom. Rocks and dust fall from the ceiling and a bright light flashes from under the iron door.

Encounter: “We will see if they can stop the mighty Offalian!”

As the group passes the iron door, they see their enemies: four individuals dressed in dark robes with red flames embroidered on them; a skeleton on fire carrying a bow; an individual that is dressed in robes, but more decorated than the four; a giant, hulking zombie with razor sharp teeth, surrounded in chains, emitting smoke [who the group learns is named Offalian].

Gained: 1100XP
Parchment Armor [level 4]

What Merida heard

Merida tells the group after the battle that she heard two people talking.

“No more shall we be received as weak!”
“Yes… Next we send word to Barus Dranden to begin preparations for Chorrol.”
“What them them?”
“We will see if they can stop the mighty Offalian!”



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