Chronicles of Nirn

And They Call It a Mine

Castle Bravil

Lord Hestio Semmus requests the presence of the adventurers. He tells them that their bounty can be erased and can restore the Empire’s honor if they follow through with a quest for him. There will also be rewards granted for completion.
“There have been reports of bandits assaulting travelers south of Bravil. As Lord of Bravil, I am placing a bounty on their heads of 200 gold for anyone assisting in the riddance of these bandits. An extra 100 to the one who brings me their leader’s head.”
He goes on to explain that while they don’t know how many there are, he does know that those seen were Men and Mer. They believe that they are down in an old mining cave, 3-4 miles down the Nibenay River, called Needletooth Mine.

Encounter: “Nazeen, take care of these intruders!”

The adventurers find the cave. The entrance is locked, but with a little help from Merida’s thefty days, they unlock the door and find men at the end of the opening hallway.

Gained XP: 1000XP total
Other items gained:

  • Belt of Endurance
  • 4 potions of healing
  • 2 potions of darkness
  • Book: “The Devout Five”

The Devout Five

History check: Just mentions “The Five”, no given details on who or what they are; says when each goes down the remaining get stronger and that someday there will only be one
Religion check: cult-like, not recognized publisher
Perception check: Has the symbol of the red star on fire that we have already seen

Quest: Needletooth Mine

Continuing in a straight line from the door post-encounter, there is a small hallway. It starts cold, damp, and dark; the further they get down the hallway, the warmer, dryer, and rocky it gets until they find a large, very ornate door.



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