Chronicles of Nirn

And So Our Adventure Begins...

15th of Morningstar – Funeral for the Imperial Emperor Titus Mede III

South Winds’ Prayer Harvest: Holiday in Cyrodiil to celebrate plant life [no plants are to be harmed that day]; free healings performed on this day

The adventurers are asked to meet with the Captain of the Imperial Guard in the Talos Plaza District after the ceremonies. When they reach the body of the Emperor to pay their individual respects, they notice that, in addition to his fine attire and royal jewelry, the Emperor has a particular look: one that reads across his face, saying that he knew when and how we would die.

Quest: “Paying” Respects

When the adventurers meet with the Captain, he explains that the Emperor’s body needs to be taken from the Imperial City to Bravil, resting for a night in Faregil. They will be accompanied by the Empress, the royal children, and a following of squires. They will be compensated for their success and are granted room and board free of charge in the Talos Plaza District while they prepare for the journey.

Quest: The Gray Fox

While preparing for the journey, the group notices wanted posters of a thief known as “The Gray Fox”. No one is really sure what he/she looks like or what race he/she is. The two heists that made them infamous took place in Valenwood and Elsweyr. They were last seen in the Talos Plaza District and is probably headed towards Cyrodiil. A reward of 1000GP is offered for capture.

Things to Note

~ Foaming Flask – the tavern in the Talos Plaza District
~ Timmon – bard in the Foaming Flask, plays with Phentricya [and is completely infatuated with her]
~ crowd cheers drunkenly for Akatosh, curses Julianus
~ worship of Talos is banned
~ curfew in place within Imperial City

Quest: “Paying” Respects [continued]
Encounter: Red Ring Road

Red Ring Road: [history] named after the war between Aldmer and Imperials, Mede III becomes emperor because of the war

As the group follows Red Ring Road towards Bravil, they spot a group of canine humanoids huddled around a piece of paper. The humanoids notice the group and begin the attack.

Total earned GP: 160GP
Total earned XP: 1000XP

Items found:
~ piece of paper with the exact date, time, and place that they would intercept the travelling party; GP the attackers earned [paid up front]; red star on fire symbol in place of a signature



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